Sibyl Document Management System

Sibyl Document Management (SDM) helps to manage documents for electronic publishing to your own server. It generally supports a large variety of document formats and provides extensive access control and searching capabilities across LANs and WANs. This helps to manage multiple versions of a document and is able to handle uploaded file by different authors. It often includes a workflow component that routes documents to the appropriate users. And keep able to high security of the document, like unauthorized user cannot see or download the file.There are three different types of user available here.

  • Super admin
  • Admin or manager
  • User or employee.

Super admin have the power to see all the features and can handle everything. Super admin can create admin or user and is also able to provide the access power to the admin or user.

Sibyl Infotech focus on every single need of your document management system. We have proven expertise on making this kind of software. If you are looking for an intuitive, user friendly document management system that organizes and structures all your documents in one place and makes access, retrieval, and sharing of documents possible with a single click, then you can count on us. We provide complete, automated web based project management software solution for micro, small and medium enterprises. Our most comprehensive document management software includes the following features and benefit:

  • User management: Add new user, change password. Filter user, delete user, edit user.
  • Category management: add new category, list category, category filter etc.
  • Document management: upload new document with chosen category, list of document, filter for document search, edit document, download option of the document if have the access power, delete document.
  • Advance Search: date wise search, category wise search, file name, and file extension etc.
  • Reports: here you can find out all activity of any user as per day wise time wise.
  • Requisition Message: inbox, outbox, compose message. [It is used for massaging between software users].
  • Configuration: you can configure your software.
  • Search: quick search, graphical tree wise document finder, notification area etc.
  • Finding right data at right moment is vital. Time and effort wasted in locating documents amounts to a lot more than one would think.
  • Time and effort involved in figuring out who has the latest version of a document
  • Unnecessary usage of network storage devices and network bandwidth, because the documents are dispersed everywhere across the enterprise, rather than centralized.
  • Data security is of great concern. Security is applied haphazardly at best, which exposes important information to scrutiny by potentially inappropriate people.
  • Critical documents are stored often exclusively on laptop computers that could be lost, stolen, or damaged at any time.
  • No record exists of precisely who has viewed and/or edited a document. It’s therefore impossible to audit a business process to uncover mistakes or inefficiencies.
  • Reduced Storage
  • Flexible Retrieval
  • Flexible Indexing
  • Improved, faster and more flexible search
  • Controlled and Improved Document distribution
  • Improved Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • No Lost Files
  • Digital Archiving
  • Preserve Intellectual Capital – Organizational Knowledge
  • Improved Internal Operations
  • Operation System: Any platform
  • Programming Languages: pHp, JavaSctipt, jQuery
  • Database: MySQL

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