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A kiosk is a small, standalone booth used in high-foot-traffic areas for marketing purposes. It is usually made to attract attention to the booth to get new customers for retail products like newspaper, refreshments, tickets, cards, tobacco products etc. Because of their small, flexible and easy set up nature, kiosks can be a low-cost marketing strategy. In kiosk strategy companies set up ‘n’ number of kiosks in different places to make a product or service available for the use or consumption by a consumer or business user, using direct means, or using indirect means with intermediaries.

Sibyl Infotech along with its proven expertise in developing kiosk management software is ready to deliver you the required solution for your business. If your company is following kiosk strategy for marketing purpose of retail products then we are there to make your strategy a huge success with the help of our customized software. We provide a mix of web and desktop based end to end solution for business following kiosk strategy. Our most comprehensive kiosk software includes the following details:

General features:

    • Different type of user login access i.e. admin, franchise, employee, and supplier etc.
    • Each user has different access level according to their roles and responsibilities.
    • Any user can change their login password whenever required.
    • Multiple store creating option for a single franchise (customized according to the requirement).
    • Disputed product return by the store manager to head office.
    • Dispute product returnedto head office by a store is shown as “floating stock”.
    • At head office level stock cannot be updated without admin permission.
    • At store level stock cannot be update without store manager permission.
    • Print of every sales, purchase, and disputed product returndocuments etc.

Admin Features:

    • Blocking any user at any point of time temporarily or permanently whenever required.
    • Creating n number of store.
    • Creating n number of user profile.
    • Add or edit product details.
    • Add or edit franchisee details.
    • Daily sales report.
    • Daily cash register.
    • Daily expenses store wise.
    • Store wise stock details.
    • Store wise stock transfer details.
    • Purchase details.
    • Disputedproduct return by store.
    • Head office stock.
    • Employee store wise.

Store Manager Features:

    • Generating sales invoice.
    • Goods exchange details.
    • Own store employee details.
    • Own store expenses.
    • Daily stock report of own store.
    • Daily sales report of own store.
    • Store Manager can view “daily cash register”of own store.

Supplier Features:

    • Supplier can only view their disputed product details (customized according to the requirement).

Franchise Features:

    • Franchise can view daily sales of their stores.
    • Franchise can view sales as per product category.

Special Features:

  • Store Manager cannot login after submitting daily cash register for a particular day. Submitting cash register means salesis closed for that particular day.
  • Daily cash register cannot be submitted until cash in hand is matched with the software.
  • Daily cash register cannot be submitted until stock in hand is matched with the software.
  • Overriding these above mentioned rules as specified in special features will be in the hand of admin only.
  • Product barcode integration facility.
  • Single barcode scanning give full information about any product.
  • Anyone (admin, user, franchise, and supplier) can easily download theirreport according to their desired format (.pdf, .doc file, .excel, .txt file).

Why is Sibyl Kiosk Management System important?

The Main Reason:

  • So many stores, so many employees and it is very hard if there is no single platform where you can get all required data.
  • It is real loss of time and efficiency if there is no access to real time data.
  • Collaboration throughout the sales and distribution network is very much required.
  • Data regarding customer is very much important for Customer Relationship Management
  • Different access level is required at different level of the system
  • Increased operational cost
  • Risk of taking wrong decision cause of lack of data
  • Daily information on earning and expenses store wise give you chance to compare performance of different stores.
  • Store wise stock details as well as disputed product details help supplier to replenish stock as per requirement.
  • All reports are derived from the system, putting an end to all the manual work. As well as customized report facilitates quicker decisions.
  • Access to real time information
  • Centralized data is secure and easy to back up
  • Better customer service, happy customer, increased business. So better and rapid return on investment
  • Better operation management with minimal cost
  • Automated business processes bring a significant amount of time savings.
  • Data is directly captured in the system and reports are generated without manual interference, increasing accuracy and efficiency
  • Operation System: Any Windows platform
  • Technology: Dot Net (V. 4.0<)
  • Programming Languages: C#, ASP

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