Sibyl Project Management System

Project management software is the collection of processes and information that is used to manage various phases of a project and that is accessible on the web browser via personal network or internet. Project management entails processes such as scheduling, calculating a critical path, building timelines, creating task lists, managing resources, controlling documents and providing audit trails. Each of these processes can be controlled and sometimes automated through project management software solutions.This isplatform independent software and run on your normal webbrowser. You can access it in your pocket pc, tablets or smart phone.

There are three types of user available they are as follows:

  • Super admin
  • Manager or normal admin
  • User or employee

Super admin has access to all the features and can handle everything. Super admin can create admin or user and is also able to provide the access to the admin or user as per their rank or activities.

Sibyl Infotech is aims to make a trust worthy solution for all those companies where project management is of main concern. If you want to get better result out of your project management practice then you can count on us. We provide complete, automated web based project management software solution for micro, small and medium enterprises. Our most comprehensive project management software includes the following features and benefit:

    • User management: add new user, edit user, change password, delete user, and filter for user search.
    • Project management:add new project, edit project, assign project, project list, assign project list.
    • Task Management :
  • Add Task : Add task to existing projects
  • Task Assign : Assign task to employees
  • Task Assign List : List of the assigned tasks with assigned username, assign date, submission date, task status
  • Add Category : Add category for tasks
  • Change Time Report: Change the time limit for the assigned tasks.
  • Assign task list: list of task which is assigned to a user.
  • Time sheet
  • Requisition message
  • Collaboration on projects is very much required at any point of time from the members of the project team who are working on the same project.
  • It is very important to delegate tasks to the appropriate employees. By assigning roles in the system, each employee has access to necessary information and knows who they should contact if they have questions or concerns, or need information about a particular topic.
  • To know exact effort with respect to time put by a resource on a particular task as well as total effort put by the team on a particular project.
  • To trace tasks assigned to employees. Regular checkpoints are a great project management practice that lets you monitor the work at every step.
  • To schedule, calculate a critical path, build timelines, create task lists, manage resources and control documents etc.
  • Effective management over time, quality and cost.
  • Improve project planning, control operational costs and resources utilization
  • With this project management software all aspects of a project can be easily controlled, always being compatible with budget and time constraints. Projects can be handles efficiently and delivered with in time.
  • Different access level for different user improves security and chain of direction
  • Search by date, category, project and task saves time and make the operation easy
  • Graphical representation generate useful reports for Management Information System
  • This software enables businesses to share and collaborate with clients and vendors in addition to employees
  • Flexibility of operation – no of users, types of users, duration of use, extent of functionality etc.
  • Operation System: Any platform
  • Programming Languages: pHp, JavaSctipt, jQuery
  • Database: MySQL

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