Sibyl Restaurant Management System

Sibyl restaurant management (SRM) software is a unique solution for any type of restaurant business. This software wraps up the whole requirement for a restaurant into single package. This is designed for windows application and windows touch screen application. Its unique design features and user-friendly working environment make the software one of the best solution for your restaurant business. The best thing about this software is easy to get every detail with a single entry. There are 6 modules to manage this software as mentioned below:

  • Work Periods Modules: User can not start transaction without starting work periods and cannot end work periods while ticket is open.
  • Transaction Modules: This module contains the whole order and settlement of order.
  • Cash Drawer Modules: It contains the summary of income and expense operation by cash, credit card or voucher and user able to add customer account details (debit/credit).
  • Reports: It contains ten types of reports namely work periods, item sales, cash transaction, account liability, account receivable, internal accounts, inventory purchase, inventory, cost and CSV builder report.
  • Manage Software Modules: The whole software can be managed by this module i.e. settings, products, tables, customers and users.
  • Login In/ Log out Modules: User start transaction through login credential and after completion of operation can log out from the system.

Sibyl Infotech is one of the best restaurant management software developer based in Kolkata. We always believe action speaks louder than words. Our vast experience in developing restaurant management software, enable us to deliver best solutions to suit any type of restaurant business. We provide complete, automated windows based solution. Our most comprehensive software includes the following features and benefit:

    • User login
    • User work period. User can not end work period while ticket is open
    • Order can be taken from chosen table. Take order by single click on menu list
    • Able to change table of same order at any point of time
    • Easy settlement for order transaction
    • Find product, customer and table facility at transaction screen
    • User can provide any item with discount, gift etc. for special occasion
    • User can add any type of income transaction apart from order
    • User can keep track the record of expense transaction
    • Keep the record of regular customer details(name, phone no, address, group type, note)
    • Keep record of customer account details(debit, credit, liability)
    • Admin /user can easily get report of : work periods , item sales, cash transaction, account liability, account receivable, internal accounts, inventory purchase, cost and CSV builder
    • User can easily add products which contains the following features:
  • Product list
  • Menu list
  • Modifier groups
  • Price list editor
  • Price definitions
  • Tax template
  • Service templates
  • Void reasons
  • Gift reasons
  • Inventory items
  • Receipts
  • Transaction
  • End day records
    • Dynamically add any no. of tables
    • Update table name and category before transaction made by any table
    • Add new customer or update existing customer Information
    • Add user to access this software

Special Features:

  • Admin can restrict user to view any section of this modules
  • Database follow .sdf (simple data format) extension which easily accessible with 4gb data storage capacity
  • Admin can easily edit the settings of database configuration
  • Dynamic creation of department
  • Dynamic creation of any number of user with different password
  • Easy access on screen key board
  • Auto search facility with key press at every part of this system
  • Dynamically add rules and actions
  • Dynamically change the printer jobs
  • Dynamically update the unit price of any product
  • The high volume of cash and credit cards transaction that takes place in a restaurant each day makes it inevitable to use SRM software to track all these transactions.
  • SRM software is a basic and critical cost control tool for restaurant management. Cost control is crucial to most restaurants’ financial survival because profit margins are usually slim and financial loss is great unless management is vigilant.
  • Restaurants purchase and use food intensively so food purchases, stock counts and usage must be carefully tracked. Food is extremely subject to theft, waste, sloppy or unspecified portioning, spoilage, preparation loss and many other costly losses both known and unknown.
  • Credit card swiping money transactions need to be more secure for both the customer and the business. Using SRM software ensures a secure transaction.
  • SRM offers handy management tools i.e. reporting, inventory tracking in real-time, customer information for improved service and permits flexible product pricing configuration with checks to prevent your staff from selling at lower than designated rates.
  • Any kind of manipulations in billing and transactions can be restricted through the use of this system so theft can be prevented.
    • It simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff. The orders are directly sent to the kitchen staff ensuring clear and proper communication hence the errors in placing the orders is reduced.
    • It can track everything from food usage, to the most popular menu items. It helps you to get a grip on the customer order trends. You can understand which menu items are the most popular and which ones should be replaced with new ones.
    • Along with the daily operations of running a restaurant, this system can organize profit and loss statement and sales tax.
    • By using SRM software you will always know which of the items are needed and which are in storage. Inventory is managed as effectively as possible, resulting in significant financial savings.
    • Efficient inventory system makes food production process smoother and as a result more customers can be served in the same period of time.
    • With all of that order and inventory tracking, this system can also generate sales reports so you know how your restaurant business is doing at all times, whether it’s by day, month, or year.
    • Allow employees to clock in and out which allows you to keep track of employee schedules, overtime, and sales per each employee. Some systems even allow you to print out each employee’s schedule.
    • SRM software comes with customer registration options too. If you have registered customers then it will be easier to build a business relationship better. You can send your customers coupons and news feeds too.
  • Calculate cash due for every order entered
  • Record the method of payment
  • Keep track of the cash in the cash drawer
  • Record information on repeat customers.
  • It keeps track of reservations and of the seating at all of your tables.
  • Increase table turnover, sales and profitability.
  • Optimum staff utilization reduces the labor cost.
  • Quick installation and after sale service.
  • Operation System: windows platform
  • Programming Languages: JavaSctipt, jQuery, C#
  • Database: SqlServer 2008 R2

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