Sibyl Saloon Management System

Sibyl Salon Management (SSM) is the unique window based software which help to grow your business rapidly. If you’re trying to increase the return from your business money by investing in software, there’s no point shelling out for several different solutions that each performs a variety of simple roles. If you’re using one program for marketing, one for booking and one for accounting, all you’re doing is making more work for yourself and use your time even less effectively than before. If you’re going to invest in salon software then you ought to look for one solution that will provide your business with all the functionality it needs, allowing you to spend your valuable time where it can do the most good – with your clients.

Sibyl Infotech is one of the best Salon Management Software developer based in Kolkata. We always believe action speaks louder than words. Our huge loyal client base speaks on behalf of our credibility. We provide complete, automated solution for Salon. Our most comprehensive software includes the following features and benefit:

    • Admin login
    • User login
    • Add/edit/delete in inventory
    • Item or category wise entry
    • Inventory search (search items)
    • Add user details
    • Add/edit/delete Employee details
    • Add/edit/delete customer
    • Add/edit/delete/block supplier
    • Customer bill transaction Entry
    • Refund transaction
    • Add/delete/withdrawal/deposit/transfer with respect to different account
    • Employee salary
    • Monthly transaction statement
    • Daily transaction statement
    • Sales transaction bill
    • Selling product information
    • Get profit report
    • Generate business traffic report
    • Get automatic notification on low stock
    • Generate different customized report
    • Inventory value
    • View stock details
    • Individual employee performance with respect to sales
    • View max product sold list
    • Security
    • Cash drawer counting tool
    • Print invoice
    • Employee table
    • Time clock table

Special Features:

  • Calculate pay
  • Customer birthday notification
  • Search mailing list
  • Appointment/scheduling
  • Quick menu buttons help to select item easily during transition
  • Employee in and out time
  • Database backup

We point out some important points which will help you to describe why this software is important for your solution:

  • It is imperative to manage your employee efficiently to produce the maximum output from them because they will bring you the money.
  • Data regarding customer is very much important for Customer Relationship Management
  • Different access level is required at different level of the system.
  • The operational cost is really high if you are not working with an automated system
  • It is real loss of time and efficiency if there is no access to real time data
  • Ii can be fatal if there is no protection for theft
  • Daily information of income and expenses
  • Better customer service, happy customer, increased business, minimized operational cost results in better and rapid return on investment.
  • Automated business process bring a significant amount of time savings
  • Better operation management with minimal cost
  • Employee performance report help you to track the employees efficiently
  • Access real time information
  • You are always protected against running out of stock
  • Get protection against theft
  • Maximum selling products help you to understand your customers need
  • Proper scheduling of appointments for the customer decrease the waiting period, increase sales
  • Employee attendance and working hour calculation helps to pay the right remuneration. Hence keep the motivation high for your employees
  • Helps you to save more time for your customers who keeps you in business
  • Operation System:windows platform
  • Programming Languages: JavaSctipt, jQuery, C#
  • Database: SqlServer 2008 R2

To get the price of Saloon Management System, please write us at

We will delivery the product with in 7 days for same functionality.

You will get 6 month free supporting period after the implementation of the software. We will fix the entire bug and do the minor changes as required within this free supporting period.

We confirm our availability from Monday to Friday (Indian time from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm)

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