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Trying to find ways of optimizing the performance of your Personal Computer (PC), Laptop, notepad, palmtop or any windows operating system is a constant uphill battle now a day. With increasingly sophisticated programs putting more pressure on your RAM and CPU this is hardly surprising but sometimes, just a bit of tweaking may be all you need.

Sibyl Cleaner (SC) cleans your system effectively and provides the most comprehensive approach to optimize the performance of your system. You don’t need to be a computer expert – simply let SC do the work for you to identify why your system might not be working optimally and rectify it.SC finds and removes common junk and unwanted files from your system in no time. SC runs regular maintenance mechanisms and performs routine checks and scans in background to make sure that your system is being kept clean and free from unwanted files. It will also help you to identify and remove all unwanted programs installed on your system to boost up its operating speed.

The aim of Sibyl Infotech is to make this type of professional solution available to all computer users regardless of technical knowledge. If your system is not working optimally then what you need is to install SC and enjoy the smooth working experience with your system. SC has been designed with complete ease, effectiveness and simplicity in mind, by placing your needs first. Here is what you will get with SC:

  • Registry cleaner
  • Program manager (Install/uninstall programs)
  • Browser cleaner (Internet/Firefox/Chrome)
  • Duplicate file finder
  • Temporary files Cleaner
  • Recycle bin cleaner
  • Recent documents cleaner
  • Empty folder finder and cleaner
  • Shortcut files finder and cleaner
  • Disk fragment manager

The Main Reason:


  • Unnecessary programs may be taking up system resources or slowing up boot time.
  • Hidden junk files may be clogging up your system.
  • System maintenance can be a daunting task for the average computer user.
  • Temporary files may hamper the security/privacy of your system too.
  • There may be many duplicate files at different folder which can occupy hard driver free space.
  • Installing any software contains lot of empty folders and subfolders which are unnecessary and difficult to find out.
  • Sometime it happens you delete main files but shortcut files are not deleted. It is very difficult to find out those from the system.
  • Irregular cleaning of Internet Explorer/Firefox/chrome affects the browser’s performance adversely.
  • Increased speed save time
  • Easy to operate
  • User friendly
  • Best user interface
  • Keep system running smoothly
  • Manage your system by single click
  • Easy to manage software installation and un-installation
  • Best support team
  • Language : C#
  • Platform : .NET
  • User Interface : Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

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